About Us

Competitive Solutions, Inc. (CSI) is a value added reseller of IT Products, Services and Information. Established in 1992, CSI has successfully become business partners with customers in Corporate America, Medical, Educational and Government industries. CSI is credited in defining state-of-the-art technology distribution and management for its corporate customers.

Our mission of being a comprehensive, efficient and reliable source for obtaining computer technology products, consumables, services and information has created customer committed Account Managers with knowledge of cutting-edge technologies. What CSI delivers to its customers is a single source for outstanding technology products and services, real-time delivery, a competitive price point and lower transactional costs.

CSI is succeeding in a very competitive environment because we have intensified our core competencies in the procurement process and supply chain management. We have struck technical partnerships with technology infrastructures such as Hewlett Packard, Dell and Microsoft. Our sales professionals and customers have established relationships to provide comprehensive IT decisions that will put our customers in the forefront of technology.

CSI has created a marketplace where IT distribution information is aggregated into a single hub and to where Competitive Solutions customers find competitive pricing and availability. This provides our customers with a single-source technology procurement solution that is far superior to dealing with multiple suppliers.